REA / SREA Electronic Actuators

Following the successful launch of Melett’s electronic actuator turbochargers, we are delighted to introduce REA / SREA electronic actuators to our range of precision engineered turbochargers and parts.

Remanufacturing REA / SREA turbochargers can often be difficult due to damaged electronics and connectors. At Melett we understand this, and our mission has always been to offer quality turbocharger repair solutions to the aftermarket. In response to our customers’ valuable feedback, we have developed a range of REA and SREA electronic actuators.

SREA Actuator


Our REA’s have been developed in-line with Melett’s quality principles, they come ready to be calibrated with the software designed to communicate with the vehicle’s ECU. This communication is critical as faults in the software can lead to further damage to the vehicle, resulting in a more costly repair.

Melett REA Setting Tool

In order to successfully calibrate Melett's REA actuators, we have developed our own calibration tool – MEL-REA-001. This tool comes in three variants to cater to the needs of different markets: -

  • MEL-REA-001-EU – European power supply
  • MEL-REA-001-UK – UK power supply
  • MEL-REA-001-US – US power supply

To order the Melett REA Setting Tool, please contact Melett Sales [email protected] | +44 (0)1226 320939

REA Case Group

The Melett REA setting tool is the only tool on the market able to communicate with and calibrate the Melett REA actuators. To purchase the tool along with Melett actuators, please contact the Melett sales team for more information [email protected] | +44 (0)1226 320939


To support the professional turbocharger repair market further, our SREA electronic actuators are fully calibrated and no testing is required, offering you a cost-effective, quality repair solution.

Why choose Melett SREA electronic actuators?

  • Extensively tested including lifecycle and on-vehicle testing
  • Precision manufactured to the highest possible standards. All specialist materials comply with the original OEM specification to ensure reliable performance
  • All in stock and ready for delivery
  • Covering many Garrett turbo models including GT15-25
  • One supplier for all your turbocharger component requirements

All Melett electronic actuators can be found on the Turbo Buildsheets using our Turbo Number & Keyword Search - Κάντε κλι

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