Turbo Parts Design Variations

Turbo Parts Variations

Shaft and wheel development

Shaft & Wheel Developments

Traditionally, a shaft and wheel has an open back with a slender or straight shaft. Why are there two different types of Shaft and Wheels?

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Turbo compressor wheel Melett Deep superback

Compressor Wheel Variations

As turbochargers develop, operating conditions have altered significantly. Turbos are spinning faster than ever before and subjected to higher temperatures.

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Air Cooled Bearing Housing

Air & Water Cooled Housings

The RHF4 bearing housings are available in two variations; Air Cooled & Water Cooled. Air Cooled: Ambient air and oil act as a cooling mechanism.

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Bearing Housing Twin Feed

Twin & Single Feed Housings

What is the difference between a single feed bearing housing and a Twin feed bearing housing? Examples for Borg Warner – K03-04 / BV43/50 Bearing Housings.

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What components

CHRA Explosions

Click here to see a breakdown of all the components in a GT15 Core Assembly or all the components in a KP35 Core Assembly.

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GT12-15 Z-Bearings

GT12-15 Z-Bearings

Whilst it is seen to be a relatively new design, the Z-bearings design has actually been around since some of the very first mass produced turbochargers.

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Turbo compressor wheel Melett

BV40 MFS Comp Wheels

Melett BV40 Machined from Solid (MFS) compressor wheels replace the original BV40 compressor wheels and feature the new extended tip design.

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