Compressor Wheels

We have a wide range of compressor wheels available for the smallest Smart cars, through to the larger commercial vehicles and off highway applications:

  • All our compressor wheels are manufactured, cast machined and balanced at high quality facilities;
  • High balancing specification is achieved by using fully automated, OEM equivalent balancing equipment;

Material Quality

The quality of the material and the casting process is extremely important to produce a high strength cast wheel:

  • Post process treatments are critical to ensure the correct strength is achieved, if the compressor wheel is not strong enough, it will fail;
  • Many failures of low quality compressor wheels are often mistaken to be standard turbo failures e.g. loss of blade could be foreign object damage, signs of overspeeding – this could be due to poor material quality rather than the turbo overspeeding;
  • The blades bend in the heat and suffer from fatigue causing them to break off on low quality wheels;
  • Melett ensures the strength of our compressor wheels are to the correct specification;
  • Melett has the capabilities to produce threaded bore compressor wheels, like for like with the OEM specifications;
  • We also produce Machined From Solid (MFS) compressor wheels – these are becoming increasingly popular as these new developments, from the OE’s, continue to arrive in the aftermarket.